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A Menu with the World’s Favourite Dishes

Food is something that brings people together. It tastes best when made with authenticity. For the same reason some cuisines are famous across the world like the Chinese, Indian, Thai etc. for their authentic flavours from traditional spices and sauces, and find their way into restaurant menus across the globe. Though not as popular or commercialised, every place big and small has their own flavours and dishes that represent those flavours. Living in a global community let us know and understand cultures different from ours, and what better way to do that than food!

Diwan’s durbars Restaurant menu tries to be inclusive of many such dishes and cuisines that are not as mainstream but are as equally delicious. The Quick menu has been divided into different categories as per the cuisine they belong to, or based on which meal of the day it is best suited for. Be it North Indian tandoor dishes or Chinese delicacies, our menu explores their dishes in depth, beyond the usual roti or fried rice.

Download Diwans App

With Diwan’s durbar app, you no longer even need to visit the restaurant to enjoy the various mouth-watering dishes in our menu from across the world. If you live within 3 km form Diwan’s durbar, download the Diwan’s durbar- restaurant menu app, quickly browse through the quick menu, order online and your food will arrive on your door step. Or if you would rather come to the restaurant, you can always pre order you food on the app, so you can avoid the wait for your order once you get to the restaurant.

Whatever be your choice, we invite you to dine with us and explore and fall in love with the various favourites of the world. Download the Diwan’s durbar- restaurant menu app today and enjoy your meal at home.

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