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Cuisines from across the world now in your neighbourhood

Long gone are the days where we had a culture of our own completely uninfluenced by the rest of the world. Now a days from the way we talk to what we eat, everything is influenced by the world around us. Our palate, like our culture is a hybrid of many from around the world and a large contributor to this phenomenon has been globalisation and the internet. The internet is now more powerful and influential than ever before and connects the whole wide world. People now are more travelled and accepting of foreign influences, embracing them as a way of life. One such influence that has been accepted with open arms has been that of food, and this is visible in our menu at Diwan’s Durbar.

Enjoy Delicious Food Near You

With the changing world and its changing taste, we too have moved forward and included many such unique dishes from across the nation and the globe, in our menu. In our restaurant in Kakkanad, Diwan’s durbar you can find many local delicacies in Kerala’s classic spices and flavours, you can also find many unique recipes from across the nation, well known in their place of origin, but largely unexplored by the rest of the world. As much we love all things Indian, we have created our menu keeping in mind a modern era customer with a global palate. Our focus in international cuisines is primarily Asian with various classic dishes from the Chinese cuisine and some lesser known but equally delicious Thai dishes.

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