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Download Diwan’s Durbar App from our website and order food online

The internet is where we spend a large amount of our time and it has become a basic necessity for today’s generation. In a world where everything is available online and downloadable, one thing that still completely happens offline is food. Well, that has now started to change with food ordering apps coming to the arena. These can be aggregators who act like a restaurant menu app of all the restaurants in a locality, food delivery app that connect customers to restaurants through home delivery or individual restaurant apps like the Diwan’s Durbar App that deal with customers of only one particular restaurant.

Let us take the example of the Diwan’s Durbar App and explain the functionalities of such an app. They primarily function as a restaurant menu app that gives primary importance to sharing the restaurant menu and facilitating online ordering and home delivery.

The Diwan’s durbar app also has other features like the today’s special that features the chef’s special choice of the day. It also shares with you your previous orders so that you can keep an eye on what you have ordered and order differently or re order your favourites. It also has a vast gallery displaying the various specialities available there so that the customer can chose his meal for the day with a better idea of it.

With such restaurant menu apps and ordering apps, you no longer need to go to the restaurant to enjoy their food, it will come to you. Download Diwan’s durbar app from our website, and order food online.


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