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Who likes to have the same dish every day at every meal? Its always fun and exciting to try something new, be it food or anything else. Explore a new cuisine, or simply even try a new dish you know very well, but just haven’t tried before. Isn’t that the whole point of eating out at a restaurant that you get to eat something different from the daily routine at home?

Well, we have heard your wish and your wish is our command. Diwan’s durbar has come up with a menu that’s full of unexplored new dishes. We are sure you will love these dishes. Something for everybody can be found in our menu, with delicious dishes of all kinds of popular cuisines, be it western, continental, Arabian, Indian or Chinese. So fret not, you will surely find some new dish to order in a flavour palette of your liking.


Special Dishes in Diwan's Durbar Kakkanad


Special Dishes in Diwan’s Durbar Kakkanad in Asian cuisines are Priking Chicken, Chicken Sultana, chicken bhuna gravy, Fish Pehadi Kebab, Chicken Lacknovi Koftha etc. Some of our favourites and chef’s picks from western cuisines are Shell fried prawns, Walfer beef etc. So if you want to taste something new, but are confused on what to order, Come visit Diwans durbar kakkanad and try one of these and be sure to be pleasantly wowed. And if you are having one of those lazy days, worry not, you can download diwan’s durbar app and order food online near kakkanad.


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