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Why do we all go to a restaurant? For the food! You’d say, but that’s hardly ever true. We go for the experience. Though one part of the experience is the food, a very important one that is, there are other elements to it that are equally important. You will get a better picture when you analyse why you take the effort to go to a restaurant when you could have food delivered to your door step through a food ordering app Cochin. You could Order Food Online with Diwans Durbar App and eat delicious fresh food served hot at your home. Instead you take the time and effort, tolerate the traffic and crowd and visit a restaurant to make the most of all that the place offers, and the main part of that is the ambience.

Diwans Durbar Ambience

For different types of occasions you choose different restaurants. To grab a quick bite you might go to a McD but never on a formal date, you would rather chose a quitter place with more privacy. We at Diwan’s durbar have kept in mind when and why you come to a restaurant and have set an ambience that suits your needs. We have out door green spaces that is perfect for a relaxed hang out, indoor spaces that is good for a quite peaceful date and even large space for team meetings and getogthers, each of these have been designed such that one does not invade the space of another. So that you can have not just the best food but also the best experience when you are with us.

But we understand, sometimes, everything that a hotel offers is still not enough to get you up from that couch and get you going. After a long day at work or a weekend with the kids at home, you are just too tired. We understand you, that is why we have come up with Diwans Durbar App Kakkanad, so that you can have what you crave for at the comfort of your house.

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